These days, the fishermen at Hanoi’s legendary Ho Tay – West Lake – are taking big risks on their health. Three major hospitals as well as thousands of households are discharging their waste directly into the lake.

When I first arrived in Hanoi 30 years ago, Ho Tay was sorrounded by the famous flower villages. Early in the morning you could se hundreds of women wading in the breast deep water searching for snails and herbs.

The Ho Tay villages have long since given way to Urban development, including Ciputra International City, the Golden Westlake Complex and others.




Vientiane’s Sisaketh temple is a great place for reflection – especially when not flooded by tourists, who come from all over the world to the Lao capitol and visit one of Asia’s most beautiful locations for worship. The 17th century pagoda is home to 6.840 Buddha statues.


The Sisaketh temple is set in a beautiful garden with the most amazing flowers.