Nguyen Hung Giang has opened his own studio in Sixty Square.

For decades Hanoi’s Kham Tien street was sadly famous for being devastated during the infamous Xmas bombings in 1972.  Now, one of the narrow alleys has become the hippest spot for Vietnamese young artists: SIXTY SQUARE – a worthy successor of legendary District 9, which was bulldozed some years ago by the authorities due to ‘fire hazard’.

A  dilapidated old postal office center has been turned into hub for creative talents within painting, photography, tattooing and modern dance. You never know what happens, when you go to Sixty Square, except that you will have a real good time.


One day you might bump into a flea market for analog cameras, wedding photography sessions or an open air art exhibition.

The word is certainly spreading in Hanoi that Sixty Square is a great place to hang out and work with whatever stuff you’re into.  I have dropped by on Sundays for the past month or two, and every time there are more interesting things to watch or be a part of, if you have a talent yourself.

SixtyS-16There is an abundance of small bohemian café’s, including the Kofi Café.  Don’t miss the outside veranda at the very back, where a magnificent Banyan tree is growing in a small court yard pond.

A gifted young artist, Nguyen Hung Giang, has opened his own studio, with his works on display and for sale. I picked up two old grand-ma-style silver miniature trays there. Giang has painted two stunning portraits on them of two his favorite singers.

Giang has invested six months of his time and money to get his studio up and running at Sixty Square: “I am not sure for how long we will be allowed to stay, but I hope at least until the end of 2019,” he says.

On the 2nd floor a fascinating tattoo shop is hiding. They make some really nice dragons there.


Sixty Square is located at 60 Tho Quan, Dong Da district, Hanoi.