I have received dozens of messages from around the world, after I was exposed on Facebook as a stone cold dog killer. 

Let me respond briefly: Bo Nam Dinh has always been a hyper sensitive dog with a panicky fear of strangers. This has recently developed into a much more disturbing pattern of aggression. 

A few weeks ago, BND attacked my cook Xuan right in front me. She has been shit scared of him ever since. 

Some days later, I got a frantic call that he had attacked my maid, Anh with vicious biting in her arm and in her leg. She went down with shock, and thats where she still is now.  There was no apparent reason, why BND would now suddenly attack people, whom he has known for years.

I called a Vet immediately and rushed home to be there. And yes, I killed Bo Nam Dinh. I was the one holding him to the floor, while the Vet shot him full of tranqulizer. As BND slowly became disoriented, i had him in my lap, he puked all over me with the saddest eyes, that I will not easily forget.

Did I love that dog? Very much. I was the founder of his personal facebook page. I invented his famously attributed quote: “If you are not invited for the dinner, you are on the menu,” based on his personal experience with his relatives being cooked for a wedding in Nam Dinh. 

Phuong Anh made a beautiful portrait of Bo Nam Dinh.

I have fed him an embarrasing number of his favorite Australian tenderloins. Bo Nam Dinh is immortalized in my forthcoming novel Revenge From Hanoi. Most recently, my artist friend Phuong Anh Dang painted a portrait of him as a birthday gift for me.  

I have seen a few things in my life, but I never imagined that I would one day write an eulogy to a dog with tears running down my face. For Christ’s sake. Bo Nam Dinh was just a dog.

Bon Nam Dinh is seen on the far right during a prayer
for his spirit at a Hanoi pagoda.