Vientiane’s Sisaketh temple is a great place for reflection – especially when not flooded by tourists, who come from all over the world to the Lao capitol and visit one of Asia’s most beautiful locations for worship. The 17th century pagoda is home to 6.840 Buddha statues.


The Sisaketh temple is set in a beautiful garden with the most amazing flowers.





2 thoughts on “SISAKETH TEMPLE

  1. My father commited suicide from the nightmares he suffered from being over in Laos under some hush hush job involvment he had. Till this day I have no closure on his death and what he /we were in the middle of over in Laos. I love the fact that someone still writes books about what happened during that time of my life. I try to collect all books concerning Laos history and that war time. And would liketo purchase this one

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